Zombie Mud Run

Posted by Philip on Sep 14, 2014 at 8:54pm

Zombie Mud Run

I was given the opportunity to help out with shooting the inaugural Zombie Mud Run in Niagara Falls (the Canadian one) and immediately it sounded like a lot of fun. When the day came around, I packed my gear, grabbed my boots, and checked the weather. Rain. I was hoping to have dark skies at most but I was prepared anyway—it actually turned out to help. There were piles of dirt before the rain, but, after the rain, things got even more interesting; it turned into the mud race everyone signed up for.

There are several obstacles that you have to navigate. These range from climbing, crawling, and sliding. Oh, did I mention the zombies? Yeah, there were lots. The morning started with living being turned into the undead. The makeup artists did a fantastic job. Add in a some acting and you have a recipe for a lot of scared people, and scared they were. There were screams all over the place and the race hadn't even started yet. It was very effective indeed.

During the race, the runners had to watch out for the undead behind everything from small trees to machinery to abandoned buildings. Every corner was a potential hiding spot. Once you were spotted, the noise could summon more zombies and you could have a herd after you. If in the event you lost all your flags, there was a Vaccination Station which would give you an extra life for a second chance to battle on. At the end of your race, you were presented with either an infected or survivor medal depending on whether or not you had any flags left.

It was a fantastic day for running a zombie run. The cold, rain, dark skies, mud, obstacles, and the zombies made every moment of it exciting. If you find yourself available for a zombie run in the future, I definitely recommend it.


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